WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

Complete Step-by-Step Video Training

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

The Ultimate WordPress Tutorial For Beginners To Get Started.


Creating Your Own Website Has Never Been so Easy & Fast!

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Step 1

WordPress and Websites Explained

Step 2

Why Choose WordPress?

Step 3

How To Choose A Domain Name

Step 4

How To Buy A Domain On NameCheap

Step 5

How To Choose Best Web Hosting

Step 6

SiteGround Pricing Plans

Step 7

How To Buy SiteGround Web Hosting

Step 8

How To Connect Domain To SiteGround

Step 9

How To Install Free SSL Certificate In SiteGround

Step 10

How To Install WordPress On SiteGround

Step 11

WordPress Settings Tutorial


Step 12

How To Install Free Theme In WordPress

Step 13

How To Install Free Plugins In WordPress

Step 14

SiteGround Optimizer https

Step 15

How To Use SiteGround Optimizer Plugin

Step 16

How To Use Akismet Plugin In WordPress

Step 17

How To Use Jetpack WordPress

Step 18

How To Install All In One SEO Pack WordPress

Step 19

How To Install Contact Form 7 In WordPress

Step 20

How To Install Pretty Link Lite

Step 21

How To Find The Best WordPress Premium Plugins

Step 22

How To Create A Page In WordPress

Step 23

How To Set A Front Page In WordPress

Step 24

How To Create Menu In WordPress

Step 25

How To Create A Post In WordPress

Step 26

How To Upload Image To WordPress

Step 27

How To Moderate Comments On WordPress

Step 28

Drive Traffic To Your Website And Build Your List

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Creating Your Own Website Has Never Been so Easy & Fast!

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