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Whether you’re just starting out or if you already have an established business, we want you to know that your new FREE GrooveFunnels account provides you more than just the best landing page and marketing funnel builder on the planet. It has several more apps you may not know about that empowers you with every tool you need to run and grow your online business and better than any other tool or combination of tools available without having to learn 15 different platforms or hire someone to duct tape them together for you and until now there’s never been a platform that can do it all until now and that’s GrooveFunnel and in this the short yet informative article we’re going to go over the powerful and additional applications that makes your FREE GrooveFunnels account so powerful. So please make sure to read this article to the end. Completing this could literally make you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars knowing the power of what you will learn will make you unstoppable.

Our analytics shows us that the people that read this entire article actually, make more sales in half the time and generate three times as many leads and sales so I’m gonna keep this fun and informative, so let’s dive in.



Okay, what you may not know is GrooveFunnels combines several powerful services that are absolutely necessary to successfully run your online business. The free version gives you access to all of those software apps and I’m going to cover each of these so you know exactly what you now have access to plus I’m going to detail all of the amazing things you can now do to build funnels get more leads, make more sales and profits and automate your business.

You see, this is no ordinary free account you know, not like those other platforms where it’s free for a limited time with a dollar trial for seven days or some light version where the functionality is greatly stripped down no, not with GrooveFunnels. GrooveFunnels is a full-featured yet extremely powerful state-of-the-art all-in-one platform and your free version is free for life. We wanted to breakthrough the barrier of entry that stops most people from starting an online business and that’s lack of funds and lack of education. Not only do you have the software to run your complete online business but you also get free training with our massive e-learning library and you also get this completely free so there’s literally nothing getting in the way of you starting or running your new business today we’re breaking these barriers because our goal is helping people break free from living pay-check to pay-check and finally being able to realise true financial freedom and that can happen when you’re frustrated and stuck duct taping several monthly subscriptions services together and definitely not when you’re paying high monthly fees. With GrooveFunnels you get solutions that save you time money and can scale with you so let’s get started with what you get.


So, everything starts with GroovePages, why? well because a website is required to increase authority, build your audience, capture leads and funnel visitors to a sale and with our drag and drop technology you can easily build pages using pre-designed blocks add awesome elements such as pop-ups, progress bars, countdown timers, animations and so much more. No coding or design skills are required. If you want to get up and running even faster, you can use one of our conversion focus website template, the choice is yours. The hardest part is picking which of these gorgeous templates you want to use.

With GroovePages, you get three full websites using your own custom domain names, all with unlimited pages and free ssl certificates now most people won’t ever need more than that yet with the competition you have to pay close to $100 per month all for what you get with GrooveFunnels account for free but don’t worry if you need more than three websites you can upgrade to unlimited sites when you’re ready and that’s GroovePages.

So, what about selling product well when your customer is ready to buy? You can sell unlimited physical or digital products and services to an unlimited number of customers with a complete and unlocked full access, no-compromise version of GrooveSell in fact we even provide you with access to manage and communicate with unlimited affiliates with your GrooveAffiliate account. Yes! that’s right, we removed any and all possible barriers to selling products online as well as managing your affiliates so that you can start profiting faster and easier than any other paid solution and yes, you can even send transactional emails to paid customers but what’s most exciting is GrooveSell allows you to market to people that abandon cart at checkout so you can send emails to save the sale. Now, you’d have to pay between 99 and 299 dollars per month for the same features with Kartra or PayKickstart, ThriveCart or InfusionSoft, so pretty cool right? Well stay with me because it’s only going to get better now i could stop here and with just these two services GroovePages, and GrooveSell. You’re getting a $300 per month value and the ability to build a very profitable business all for free without even giving us a credit card we think that’s pretty cool and we’re sure you do too so that’s GrooveSell and groove affiliate but what if you wanted to do more faster, well you’ve got it with GrooveMail.


GrooveMail is a world-class email marketing CRM that increases conversions with personalised content, segmentation, email sequences, advanced automation campaigns and so much more. You now have everything you could ever imagine in an email marketing CRM there is no other platform as robust or more powerful or more feature-rich than GrooveMail and no one can get emails into the inbox better than GrooveMail. With the other guys, well this would cost an additional $70 per month with companies like ActiveCampaign or MailChimp but hey you can get started free with your new GrooveFunnels account and in case you’re wondering now we don’t lock any of the features you need to do business behind a paywall because you get your first 500 contacts and you can send up to 5000 emails per month each and every month yes all for free again no credit card when you need more now or in the future?, well, then you can upgrade it’s easy and we are ready when you’re ready. If you compared our fully unlocked version of ProofMail to the leading brand it would cost you $229 per month each and every month and that’s GrooveMail.

So, what if you want to create a course or offer a subscription to digital content?, well you can commit to paying 149 per month with something like Kajabi or you can grow your passive income and create a membership site in literally minutes using GrooveMember. Yes, you get it, it’s free and with no credit card. You see where we’re going with this? With GrooveMember, you can do powerful things like drip content, gate your content, offer free or paid levels of access and so much more we don’t even have time to cover it. It literally does everything and you get to run one full complete membership site and manage up to a hundred members all for free with your account and that’s GrooveMember. Need more capacity than 100 people? Well, congratulations, that’s a sign your business is growing to the next level, you can always upgrade when you’re ready. We’ll talk more about that in just a minute.


Now, let’s move on to what boost conversion, increases engagement and allows you to truly stand out from the competition and for that you need to harness the power of video and GrooveVideo can help you do just that because GrooveVideo is a marketing oriented video player that gives you access to detailed video analytics and the power to modify and automate user’s experience based on their behaviour. It’s similar to Vimeo or Wistia which people pay up to $99 per month for but not you, not with GrooveFunnels. I think you know why by now right? Yes, you get it included in GrooveFunnels and you can do so much more since it’s built in and it just works for example let’s say the price reveal in your VSL or video sales letter is at the 13 minute mark well check this out you can just set a tag so that if the viewer doesn’t make it to that point of the video then the tag will fire an automation which will send them a follow-up email to come back and re-watch the video. But what if they did see the 13-minute mark which means they did see the price but they didn’t buy? Well, with Groove you could send them a different follow-up email or campaign maybe one with a payment plan and as a free member of GrooveFunnels, you can create up to 15 videos. You’re seeing how this goes, if you need more as usual you can upgrade but nothing is stopping you from running your business and so far it has not and will not cost you a dime not until you’re ready or soon to be ready so let’s recap You get everything we covered and more in your GrooveFunnels account right now and we will never ask you to pay another dime to access all of the things we just discussed that account level is free to you for life. There are no hosting fees, bandwidth fees or even sneaky transaction fees on your digital product sale.

Now, let’s talk about when you need to transition from being a newbie to being a serious entrepreneur. One who is ready to dive in and start making a full-time income online with endless possibilities working from home and getting out of that day job with true lifestyle and financial freedom or someone who is ready to start that journey today with our help and free training. You see, as you outgrow the free version or if you want to accelerate the learning and action process, we have another option available today that we think you’ll be excited about so let’s discuss what incredible options you get when you upgrade today or in the future and here’s a hint we’re going to make an incredible one-time offer for you if you’re ready to do that today. So, if you like deals stay tuned… If you like having lifetime access to software and if you like paying one time for something instead of monthly payments forever and ever stay tuned.

You see, it’s good to know what’s planned for future pricing as opposed to right now because we have a lifetime upgrade option. Yes! that ditches monthly payments altogether and gives you unlimited potential forever and for just one low flat fee, pay once and never make a payment to us again, ever. Period! So, let’s talk about our future pricing structure towards the end of this year or in the first quarter of 2021. We like all SaaS companies will have a monthly pricing option. Our future plans will be more affordable and offer more features than anyone but more expensive much more in fact than the lifetime deal you can get today and these plans will be SilverGold and Platinum.

The Silver Plan includes unlimited websites and funnels and more premium templates for you to use. Extra storage and bandwidth for GrooveVideo and it also increases your GrooveMember limit to 5,000. It also gives you unlimited email sends for GrooveMail with a 10,000 contact cap and that will cost future members that skip this offer $99 per month and that’s a great deal still because you’d end up paying over $700 per month duct taping the other leading brands together and that’s silver.


Under the Gold Plan, we’re going to add GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz. So let’s talk about GrooveBlog. The days of managing multiple plugins, updates, tech headaches with WordPress are over by the end of the year this December, you will now be able to build brand awareness and dominate SEO ranking using GrooveBlog and you can do this without needing several plugins or a developer. What’s really exciting about GrooveBlog, it uses the elements from GroovePages, so no design skills or coding skills are required and there’s nothing to install, and everything you need is all in one place, GrooveFunnels.

I know what you may be thinking, WordPress is free and gives you so many options and that’s very true but most end up spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars trying to make WordPress their all-in-one solution and still end up needing to hire a developer when not if they hit a wall. In a recent survey, 75 percent of users said they would blog more if they did not have to learn WordPress. If you’re like most people, that’s good news for you. GrooveBlog is as easy as writing an email and that means more free traffic, leads and sales and that’s GrooveBlog.

Let’s talk about GrooveDesk, our integrated help desk software which we are releasing later this year in December. With GrooveDesk, you can handle your support desk to engage and delight your customers with our built-in help desk it’s very similar to Zendesk or help scout but it’s better because it is integrated and has all of your customers’ sales info already pulled in when you’re handling a support ticket but we’re not charging you fifty dollars per user per month. This can really start to add up as you grow. So, we’re giving gold plan members unlimited agents and tickets here too. The power of having everything in one place, really shines with an integrated support desk because if somebody puts in a ticket you’ll instantly be able to see their entire purchase history and all of their details, no third-party integrations are required and that’s GrooveDesk and just a taste of what GrooveDesk can do. All right, moving on and if that isn’t enough, GrooveCalendarGrooveSurvey, and GrooveQuiz are all scheduled to be released late in 2020 or early 2021. Our company goal is to get them out before most people have even broken their new year’s resolutions.


GrooveCalendar solves the hassle of emailing back and forth to schedule a meeting which we all know is such a pain. GrooveCalendar makes it easy for your leads or customers or clients to schedule meetings with you. This is great for coaches and consultants or private classes. It’s pretty cool and effortless. Several tools like Calendly cost twelve dollars per month but limit your options because it’s a standalone app. The best part of GrooveCalendar being built in is when your leads or customers schedule a meeting, they’ll go straight to GrooveMail and you can set up automated emails and follow up. I love automation. it’s like having a sales person, coach and support team member available 24 7. And that’s GrooveCalendar and while we’re discussing automation, you can stop guessing about what works, what doesn’t, how happy your customers are by gathering and analysing feedback with GrooveSurvey. Survey and quiz data are such goldmine so you don’t want to miss out on this step.

With GrooveSurvey, you can improve messaging, products and even discover new products needed but its’ real secret power is one of the best ways to start a funnel, build a list and lead people to a sale. It’s so much easier to sell to customers. So use GrooveSurvey to ask and learn. Similar tools cost around seventy dollars per month and to create quizzes you’d have to pay another fifty dollars per month.

Now, you can create irresistible opt-in offers, gain actionable insights and segment or qualify your audience better with GrooveQuiz. Like all of the other GrooveApps, GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey are completely integrated with the rest of the GrooveFunnel suite and products. This means when a user answers a quiz or survey, their email address will flow into GrooveMail so you can trigger workflows and automation around their responses. It is a very effective way to do marketing. So, you get all of these tools, GrooveBlog, GrooveDesk, GrooveCalendar, GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz plus the GrooveFunnels basic products like GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveMail, GrooveMember and GrooveVideo. All worth $700 per month or more with the other guys for only $199 per month when the gold plan goes live.


Okay, let’s talk about the best plan. We saved this one for last and this is what you can get lifetime access to today for one low price and never make another payment to us again ever. Period! It’s going to blow you away. This will sound too good to be true platinum members have it best. They or you when you take this offer, will also be getting three of the most exciting things we have in our development plan, GrooveWebinar for live webinars, GrooveEvergreen for automated webinars and GrooveStream for both live and automated streaming.

GrooveWebinar has all of your favourite features and functionality plus it integrates with all your pages, cart and funnels to save you time and maximise sales and if you want to make your webinars irresistible and significantly improve attendance by offering just-in-time webinars at your prospect’s convenience, you can with GrooveEvergreen. So, if you’re familiar with platforms like GotoWebinar, WebinarJam, StealthSeminar or EverWebinar, you know these are powerful yet very expensive platforms but GrooveWebinar and GrooveEvergreen are included for free in only the platinum lifetime package. You’ll also want to increase conversions and engagement with the power of live streaming to Facebook, Twitch or YouTube using GrooveStream. You can compare this suite of products with GotoWebinar at $99 per month, EverWebinar at 42 dollars per month and stream yard for 39 dollars per month. That’s $189 in webinar marketing products alone. All rolled into the platinum level which now gets you over 15 total apps.

Okay, later, when the monthly platinum plan goes live, it will cost $299 per month. Now here is where you want to pay attention because here is the deal you will see today and what you are about to see will never be better than what you see on this page and if you pass on this offer today you will pay more for less later the features in our best plan the platinum upgrade are being offered to you today for a special limited time offer for lifetime access but before I mention that there’s one more bonus you’d get with your free account that i’m excited to announce. You’re also getting access to GrooveKart.




GrooveKart is an e-commerce platform that’s comparable to Shopify but better and there will be no monthly fee with the platinum upgrade like you have to pay every month for life with Shopify. With GrooveKart e-commerce, you can sell print on demand or drop shipped items with ease and you can create as many stores as you like. Free users pay a small transaction fee but platinum members who upgrade today get those fees waived making groove cart absolutely free to use. Remember the monthly plans will be starting soon so you can’t get started with the monthly plans today and that’s a good thing because this means you can save money with our lifetime offer.

Why we are doing a lifetime offer is really more like a Kickstarter. You see, GrooveFunnels is still in beta and we just don’t feel right about charging you or anyone monthly fees for services that are still being released, tested and improved. This year alone, we’ve reinvested more than four million dollars into hiring the world’s best developers, programmers and designers to work on bringing the GrooveFunnel master development plan to reality. We started this year with a development timeline that went out to 2022 and thanks to our amazing backers. We’ve been able to accelerate that by more than 18 months. You see, we’re rapidly rolling out new features and improvements almost daily. We’re collecting feedback from our users and our amazing beta users more than 300,000 of them to improve each and every feature. In fact, our members are blown away by the constant stream of new features we’re releasing. Mike Swiss writes in our community “a weight was lifted when i went into the funnel builder and simply clicked and dragged an element placing it exactly where i wanted it. It was like Christmas. Groove, you are delivering on your promises, thank you.” And here’s another from Kathy Walls, one of our patient users who has been enjoying watching feature after feature unlocked in her account she says “these updates are amazing, they are so worth the wait.”

So, let’s talk about what you can do to become a backer and a beta tester as well as get a fully unlocked version of the software with every new release as it comes out and by the way even in beta the GrooveFunnels feature set and functionality still outperforms the other options on the market. Take a look at what another of our beta users, Leo Mendoza has to say, who upgraded to platinum. He writes “I’ve been a beta user of GrooveFunnels for a couple of months now and I’m so glad I have switched from other platforms. Because of it in beta, I was able to create some of the most beautiful and functional pages for my own businesses and for other businesses I’m servicing. Whenever I’ve made a new design and someone notices they always ask me where I made this, I tell them GrooveFunnels and I feel proud every time I say it. Being a beta user has made me feel a part of something greater. Helping improve an already powerful platform has been fulfilling. I’ve saved so much money by switching to GrooveFunnels. It’s the best investment I’ve made for myself.”

These messages are so fun to read. I too, am so filled with pride when I read message after message from our users or improving their lives and those of their family by getting started with GrooveFunnels. And here’s one more. Here’s a message from one of our earliest backers who got in when GrooveFunnels wasn’t much more than a well-formed idea and a few lines of code, Jim Evans says “ I’ve been with Groove Digital from the beginning of this awesome adventure and as one of the very first adopters of this platform i have seen it evolve into one of the finest platforms ever with each stage becoming more and more incredible. I’ve tried many and paid a bunch of money and have never found a value like Groove Digital has given. You will not find a platform that gives so much value and product like these guys do. Web page building, email service, e-commerce stores, and the list goes on. I’m so proud to be on a team as part of a family really like Groove Digital. May we groove on for many years to come”.


Okay, the price. so, we’ve already talked about what an incredible value GrooveFunnels will be by the end of this year when all of the features are released and when we come out of beta and move on to monthly pricing. You would pay $1,459 a month with other services to get everything that GrooveFunnels has to offer when the platinum level goes live at $299 a month and our apps are all integrated making it easier because you have just one dashboard to log into. Duct taping those other guys will cost you precisely seventeen thousand, five hundred six dollars a year compared to what future GrooveFunnels users will pay when the $299 a month when plan goes live or about $3,600 a year but what about right now? Well, we have something better for you. Today, you can get an enormous discount and become a backer and a beta tester and we will give you lifetime access to the platinum package that means you will get all of these. Everything we discussed for just one low price and you will never have to make ongoing payments to us ever again. In fact you’re going to help us as a backer of this project and your investment gets you massive rewards and helps us finish the project by the end of this year. 

This offer is for a very limited time, the lifetime option A.K.A. the Kickstarter to become a backer and beta tester is going away and it will go away forever once we are transitioning out of beta and moving to a monthly pricing structure but right now you can get this lifetime option for the Platinum Upgrade for less than half a year of what GrooveFunnels Platinum will cost future members or those that see this offer yet don’t upgrade. Don’t let that be you! You’ll also get all the templates we release, all the features and upgrades and anything that we put out in the GrooveFunnels platform, all for just a single low one-time price. That’s right! You’ll never need to pay us again ever for the software. So, now let’s get to the most exciting part of this article, the special price for you today. As a free member right now you get the option to upgrade to become a backer and a beta tester and essentially own GrooveFunnels for life. You make one payment and you never pay us ever again. Boom! It’s that simple. So, here’s that comparison chart again: GrooveFunnel’s lifetime option will cost you if you want to wait until it’s released monthly. Let’s face it, it will even be a great deal even at our future full retail price but right now we’re going to save you a lot of money. This is the best offer I’ve ever seen online and since we don’t want anyone to miss out for any reason we’ve created four different price points to meet anyone’s budget. The first option allows you to pay nothing today and then just a few low payments of 497 dollars beginning in 14 days. If you need lower payments, we also have 6 and 12 month options. Check them out below or the money saving option. Pay just one time, you can get everything today for a one-time payment of only thirteen hundred and ninety seven dollars, that is the lifetime price for lifetime access and it’s a sixty-eight percent discount off GrooveFunnels annual retail cost no matter which plan works best for you, you can either pay $17, 000 a year for the added frustration of duct taping together with all of those other guys or today you can save over $16,000 per year by becoming a platinum member of GrooveFunnels with our limited time offer for lifetime access. Just imagine what you could do with the savings. If you’re even at all tempted to get the lifetime option now while it’s still discounted, you can be rest assured that you’ll still have a full 30 days to try out the full software, attend all of the trainings and get active in our amazing members community and if you don’t feel like GrooveFunnels is right for you for any reason, just reach out to the support team and they’ll issue you a prompt and full refund.


Now, there’s one more exciting thing I’d like to go over. Lifetime members get double their affiliate commissions for promoting GrooveFunnels. At free level means that you can promote GrooveFunnels and earn 20 percent commission of every person you refer who upgrades. When you upgrade to the lifetime deal, you’ll double your commissions to 40 percent and will even pay you 10 percent on the second tier. That means just refer three people who also upgrade and you’ve not only got GrooveFunnels for free for lifetime but you’ve also made a profit and for any referral after that, all of the profits are yours to keep. Now, as we know results vary and since not all members promote this, it’s not typical so let’s take a look at Angie Norris, who decided to promote and again while not typical let’s take a look at what GrooveFunnels has done for her. She says “Even in beta, I was able to sell over $250,000 of my own product sales in just two weeks using GroovePages and I’m saving $750 a month with GrooveAffiliate that I had been paying to First Promoter. Wow! In addition to her own product sales, Angie generated ten thousand dollars in affiliate commissions in her first week promoting GrooveFunnels. Some people are changing their lives just with this affiliate program. In fact, Tim Virduow makes over fifteen thousand dollars a week just promoting GrooveFunnels and here is Jeremy Gasleson, Martin Boedeker and Paul Murphy, all of whom are making a full-time living promoting GrooveFunnels and finally another cool thing to mention here is what we’re doing with our platforms with developers. You know how iPhone has Apps Google Chrome has Extensions and WordPress has Plug-ins, Well, we’re opening up our API kit to developers. It’s called an SDK so that people can develop and even sell apps used in GrooveFunnels. Essentially, we’re going to have other people helping us develop the platform, that’s exciting. Imagine wanting a feature that isn’t part of our development plan, something specialised for your business or industry. Now, you can have a plugin developed and then even sell it to others in the marketplace if you’d like to. Think about it, what would your phone be like without apps? Can you imagine that? Our app marketplace will really make the power of this platform a second to none!

So, that’s it. For just $1,397, you can own all of GrooveFunnels. Over 15 apps in total and own it for life and never make another payment to us again, ever. Period! Others will pay dearly for what you are literally stealing here today by helping us. Over 50,000 people have upgraded allowing us to have 75 developers working on this application allowing us to pour literally millions into rapid development and no one does it better than us, that you’ll see. So, become a backer and a beta tester today and save. Simply scroll down the Checkout and choose the plan that’s right for you. Remember we’re going to be shutting this kick-starter backer option down very soon and without notice, so this is not going to be available for very long at all. Don’t wait. Don’t pay over $3,600 per year for what you can get today for one flat lifetime price of just $1,397 or one of our payment installment options. We’re so excited to bring you GrooveFunnels whether you upgrade later or grab this amazing deal now, we know you’re going to love what GrooveFunnels can do for your business. To skip the offer, scroll to the bottom of this page. To become a lifetime platinum member, simply click on the upgrade button below and we’ll see you on the inside 🙂


To Your Success!


Founder Team GROOVEPALS™

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